Un-distant Connections

By Sooz Jeson

Last December I lost a close friend who had suffered from Lupus for years. Last July I had to say goodbye to a dear friend who moved to the other side of our continent. A day later, I laid down my beautiful sweet cat Lily for the last time who suffered beyond medical help. I shared a beautiful love with these three in my life, close both physically and emotionally. And I still do though distances separate us.

Almost two years ago I was introduced to a number of survivors, who live in other states and cities and never meet any of them face to face; all dear friends now. The last Friday in September I shared and took part in prayer service with people I never met; yet felt our shoulders touch in Blessed sorrow.  All these unusual meetings had a defined distance between me and them, but I was and am so securely joined to every one of them. How can that be? What seals that bond beyond?

With many I have never talked face to face; most email only. But there is an emotional glue that has brought us together. Pain and abuse is our common thread.  Suffering is our connectiveness – healing travels our “un-distance.”

Abuse is such an ugly powerful thing that manifest inside of us all and does not always have words. Like many of these people mentioned above, yes, I have never seen their face; but our souls have met on such a deep scared level; a common level like no other knows, yet we all know too well. Traumatic abuse has its clinical definition, yet only those abused can truly define it, not with words though – with a distance that only our hearts and souls travel.

The pain, the isolation, of abuse grows beyond boundaries as the unspoken words do of an abuse victim we never met in person. If you are reading this right now as a family member of someone who has been abused, I am sorry I cannot offer you any magic words for you to say to your loved one who had lived through the horrors of abuse; I wish I did – I would say them to myself.

So, I guess this is my very public essay, I offer my appreciation to all those people I have never met in person but feel so amazingly connected to – connected not by any words, but by your healing Spirit. The Holy Spirit has no boundaries or words but he has connected and dwells in all of us.

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