The Way: Healing Retreat for Adults Survivors of Abuse

Teresa Pitt Green, Founder

“The Way” is a unique healing retreat for adult survivors of clergy abuse.

“The Way” is offered by the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Georgia. It involves three days of guided meditations and prayer crafted around the Stations of the Cross. Participants move with Christ on a path overcoming dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal and anger to new life in the Resurrection.

“The Way” was developed by the Sue Stubbs, MS, NCC, Director of the Atlanta Victim Assistance Program to offer a retreat tailored around the needs of clergy-abuse survivors with whom she has worked for years.

“The Way” is designed to be a deeply personal, even private journey for survivors. Most notably, unlike other workshops or retreats, “The Way” is not based on group discussions or dynamics. Participants do, however, have opportunities, if they wish, to talk to other participants in casual settings.

The retreat team blends strong mental health expertise with the Catholic faith, including professional counselors in private practice in the Archdiocese of Atlanta and a priest of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Everyone on the team is experienced working with survivors of abuse and is also well-formed and grounded in the Truth of the Catholic faith. Participants may, if they wish, meet one-on-one with team members.

“The Way” is particularly unique because it welcomes survivors from other dioceses. This can be very helpful to those who need to remain anonymous within their own hometowns.

“The Way” is also not limited to adults who have survived abuse by clergy but includes any adult who has been abused and seeks to participate in these Christ-centered mediations. Non-Catholics are also welcome.

Two retreats are scheduled in 2017 for women, including one this May. At least one is scheduled for men this year. For more information or to register: CLICK HERE, or go to the website for the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s Victim Assistance Program under Healing Opportunities, or contact Sue Stubbs directly at sstubbs @ archatl dot com. If  you do attend and wish to submit a reflection on how “The Way” may have helped your faith journey, please see our Submissions guidelines.

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