The McCarrick Report

You are invited to join a Round Table we have planned for January, in which we’ll publish readers’ reflections on the McCarrick Report as it relates to the vision that brings us all together here.

We are inviting survivors and all others who read this magazine to add their own entry (75 to 125 words) to the Round Table, considering the report from any angle, such as how it affects them or how they may wish to console others.

Assuming we have five or more entries by the deadline of December 31, 2020, we will release a Round Table in January. When you submit your note, please confirm what name we may use. You may review the limited use you are authorizing here. We will determine acceptance, but, except for spelling errors and punctuation fixes (!), we will pass any suggested edits by you for your approval before publication.

This is your chance to share with other readers some important insight into the range of impressions and the depth of concern we bring to our common concern for healing and hope.

Submit easily, right here, by using this email.

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