The Global Context for Child Protection

A dilemma arose when developing the first learning module in the (free) Spirit Fire Broadcast Series on Abuse and Faith. Fellow survivors identified the problem and helped us solve it.

The first learning module (A Global Context) provides the backdrop of the global Church for the broadcast which focuses on the United States.

We had promised a tour of global hot spots where children suffer the most, with a review of the work of the United Nations. The idea was that the Church was expanding its safeguarding efforts in this world.

Yet, early survivor feedback pushed back. The broadcast is about empowering our viewers. How can a tour of global suffering do that?

So, we settled on a change to create a global context in three dimensions:

  • Across the Globe: The Advance of Human Rights in the Digital Age
  • Safeguarding in the Church Universal
  • A Brief History of Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

For our first episode in this module, Across the Globe: The Advance of Human Rights in the Digital Age, Matthew Daniels, JD, PhD, was generous enough to take the time to talk about his many successful initiatives to bring the stories of human-rights violations and of digital Samaritans to the world.

Dr. Daniels is a leading international human-rights advocate who promotes the use of digital media as a means of advancing human rights and freedoms – including those of children – around the globe. As we call to mind the suffering around the world, this episode is a great start for learning how technology and storytelling are being blended to disrupt entrenched human-rights violations in every region of the world. You’ll find plenty of examples of different ways people work as digital Samaritans, too, including how you or others can contribute time as you sit on your couch at home.

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