The Fourth Annual Child Abuse Prevention Special Edition 2019

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Fourth Annual Child Abuse Prevention Special Edition April 2019

Michael D. Hoffman

On behalf of the Founders of The Healing Voices Magazine, I offer a hearty welcome to child-protection professionals, survivor ministers and all concerned with healing wounds caused by abuse of children in our church and society. All of you, including those who met in Camden for the 2019 Child & Youth Protection Catholic Leadership Conference, remain in my thoughts and prayers.

As a clergy sexual abuse survivor, I am certain—and I trust you will agree—that no other child should suffer the abuse that I and others have endured when we were young. Together, we can, as abuse survivors working with Church personnel, work to protect the dignity of all of God’s children.

This is the fourth special edition that The Healing Voices Magazine has released for Child Abuse Prevention Month. In the four years we have been publishing, many forums have discussed abuse in the Church, and many revelations have continued to rock our Church. Each incident can dishearten fellow Catholics and also re-wound our more tender fellow survivors.

Yet, without denying any of the wrongs and failures, or the need for continued reform, I find myself wanting to share the success stories about public outreach events to raise awareness of child-safeguarding efforts taking place in Catholic schools and parishes each day. More schools and parishes are beginning to join with the national efforts to raise awareness of child protection by holding Pinwheels for Prevention plantings. More of our neighbors in child-protection agencies are becoming aware of the advances and best practices that have been operationalized in United States dioceses thanks to the support of Church leadership and the tireless efforts of the USCCB Secretariat for the Protection of Children and Young People.

It is to these success stories I would like to turn the attention of this Special Edition, with contributions reflections on progress to date, lessons learned, successes—and happy moments as we join together, as one Church, to protect all children within the Church and throughout society.

Articles in this issue include: 

  • Introduction, by Michael D. Hoffman
  • The Four Pillars of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, by Msgr Stephen J. Rossetti
  • We Must Continue to Do More, by Jennifer Samartano
  • Reasons to Promote a Safe Environment Globally, by Teresa Morris Kettelkamp
  • Me Too, by Paul Ashton
  • Children, Our Treasure, by Kathy O’Connell
  • Courage and Reform, by Luis A. Torres, Jr.
  • This Dangerous World, by Teresa Pitt Green
  • Landing Page: Praying with the Pope
  • Pinwheels for Prevention
  • Healing Voices DIY for Prayerful Child Protection Events

A printer-friendly PDF is available (Free PDF Here) to facilitate your distributing this special issue broadly.

Founder, editor and contributor, Mike Hoffman, is a devoted husband and father to two teen-aged children. He is also an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a priest. Mike is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Prevent Child Abuse – Illinois, and has published a book entitled, Acts of Recovery – The Story of One Man’s On-Going Healing from Sexual Abuse by a Priest. Executive with the orthopedic company he founded, Mike volunteers at his local parish, St. Mary of the Woods, on the Liturgy Committee and as lector; he is also the past President of the school Athletic Board.  Mike serves as Chair for the Hope and Healing Committee of the Archdiocese of Chicago – a group of clergy abuse survivors, priests and staff from the Archdiocese who reach out to victims/survivors and their family members as an aid to healing from the pain (more bio info here.) Mike’s articles may be viewed here

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