Suicide at Holidays & Other Myths

Suicide attempts increase during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, right? Wrong. Suicide rates actually decrease during the holidays. It is commonly thought that holiday stress increases suicide attempts, but that simply isn’t the case. Actually, the lower incident of suicides is now thought to be related to family time and the support this generates.

So says Dale Archer, M.D., who is a clinical psychiatrist and author of Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional. Dr. Archer’s writings put him squarely in the positive or affirming approach to recovery and mental illness.

In his December 24, 2014, post for Psychology Today, entitled Suicide And The Holidays: Suicide rates spike during the holidays and other suicide myths, he walks through almost 20 myths about suicide — all of which I thought were at least partially true. What an awakening! Worth a read!

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