Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith – News

Patience is an important antidote to the pandemic we already have. Patience blended with flexibility.

So many wonderful and generous speakers and advisors have been helping with our Spirit Fire Global Conference despite tumult in their professional and personal lives. We had to take a breath and ask: Are we creating a process that is as wonderful and generous in return?

Speaking with our advisors, I’ve decided to move our conference date later, after the semesters begin for educators and parents, and after the election passes for many who feel anxious about the media storm leading into November.

New Conference Start Date: January 2021

The Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith will begin in January 2021 and run a one-hour weekly feature on the topics in the same order as our agenda has always shown.

The conference will continue to be free and available in many venues, and there will be a parish-based version for broadcast and discussion made available.

Register now for final reminders with the exact launch date and for free resources.

Register right here.

New Autumn Gathering

We haven’t forgotten that, in this pandemic, the retelling of stories where faith is the rock and where Light triumphs over darkness is not a way to endure challenges that stretch us to the breaking point.

So, this October 15 Spirit Fire will host the online storytelling event entitled “Our Catholic Story” as a first step in the restorative justice process that our Global Conference on Abuse and Faith promises to be.

More info is here.

Anyone already registered for the Global Conference on Abuse and Faith is registered automatically, for free, for the October “Our Catholic Stories” event.

Suffering Now?

If you are suffering right now, we can also recommend two options.

RENEW is an online, FREE, confidential (indeed, anonymous) home-study in ways to cultivate resilience and improve healthy coping mechanisms during the pandemic. For more information, check out our feature here.

Helplines and hotlines exist for every kind of personal crisis imaginable. Trained people with access to resources are available 24/7/365 and offer up to 200 language options. Spirit Fire has compiled a list here. Bookmark this page for future needs – and have on hand for friends and others who may be in need.

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