Spirit Fire Broadcast Series on Abuse, Faith, and Pastoral Care

The Spirit Fire broadcast on abuse, faith, and trauma-informed pastoral care launched as rescheduled in February.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM, Cap., and John Garvey, President of Catholic University, shared their memories from across the arc of early revelations to current day — adding to our growing Our Catholic Story library.

The world context in which the Church seeks to promote child safety now, as it cultivates a reformed setting, was reviewed: Some regions and cultures pose very different challenges from the U.S. and other Western areas. How is the Church grappling with this dialogue, without triggering for many areas a painful memory and reaction to former colonial impositions of views and cultural norms?

We are shifting into how the U.S. with its multiculturalism is a reflection of the world of cultural diversity — and how this poses a challenge in caring for survivors of abuse and trauma.

While (you may have noticed) we took time off due to Teresa’s need for a break to attend to other priorities, you can expect a resumption of releases starting April 18th.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the archival programming.

Is there a week’s program (video and reading) that might be a good point of discussion with family, friends, or parish?

No, you aren’t remembering wrong. It is true that this is the conference we had scheduled, in advance of learning about CV-19) for a week during May 2020. When the pandemic hit and lock-down began, it was postponed, as many of you know, to accommodate the sudden schedule shifts many of our guests faced. In Fall 2021 we announced the conference would be released as a weekly broadcast, with about an hour of blended media coverage of different topics — all of which represent some dimension in a comprehensive look at the phenomenon of sexual abuse in the U.S. Catholic Church over the past 7 to 100 years.

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