Self Talk: Love or Shame?

The Blurt Foundation is one of the best resources on Mental Wellness When Living with Depression – or Anxiety.

In a recent program, it produced a compelling examination of self-talk and why it matters so much to people recovering from abuse and trauma.

We all have an internal dialogue – whether we’re aware of it or not. Some of us may be conscious of it as a constant stream. For others, it might seem less often and more ‘remember to put the bins out’ and ‘oh you dingo, why did you drop the toast on the floor?’. Our self-talk matter because it affects our emotions, mood, and ultimately our actions.

Find out what self-talk is, how to review its impact on your and how to transform what you say to yourself — and a myriad other ways that self-talk can help you transform from victim to survivor — and a person thriving in a new way of being.

Artwork courtesy John Hain from Pixabay

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