Reach for Healing This Easter

Amy Cordon 
Director, Office of Child and Youth Protection and Victim Assistance 
Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Bible contains timeless patterns and themes that speak to the human spirit like grace, faith, atonement, promises and healing. My favorite recurring scriptural theme is how Jesus often utilizes a particular sequence. In some ways, He’s predictable. And that can be very comforting. Many Bible stories begin with a person wanting to break free of some desperate situation. The characters try to do things on their own and fail, their problems are just too overwhelming, or they are so helpless that they can’t do anything for themselves. And that’s where Jesus and His healing miracles come in.

Jesus went around teaching from town to town, and His healings were always carried out in very deep and meaningful ways. A desperate person living in the time of Jesus might have inevitably discovered His route and taken time (READ MORE HERE)

This article was originally published May 12,2017 and is posted again here in response to much positive feedback from readers. We welcome all those hurting this Easter to reach for healing in the way described here.

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