Raising Your Kids Catholic

In October, the Chicago Tribune published an article exploring parents raising their children Catholic – in particular, profiling one of the founders of this Healing Voices Magazine, Mike Hoffman (bio here). The article begins:

Michael Hoffman is what some call a “cradle Catholic.” Born and raised into the faith, he and his family were extremely involved in their Lake Forest parish throughout his childhood. As a kid, he was an altar server. As an adult, he considers the Catholic community the “fabric” of his life. From 12 to 16, it was also the source of his sexual abuse….” more

Looking to understand the abiding faith that remains with many survivors – and the faith to which other survivors are drawn? Reading this article is inspiring.

Source: Lauren Chval’s “Former Altar Boy Sexually Abused by Priest Tells Why He’s Raising His Kids in the Catholic Church.” Chicago Tribune. October 26, 2018. Accessed December 3, 2018.

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