Quite a Unique Journal Issue: Take Note

We are inviting all our readers to consider submitting an article to Praxis, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Faith and Justice published through Cabrini University.

The next issue is due out in the Fall of 2019: Catholic Leadership Beyond the Abuse Crisis.

Teresa Pitt Green has been invited to be the guest editor of this issue. One of its fundamental principles is close to her heart: to encourage a deeper collaboration between scholars and practitioners in advocating for the social justice.

In an innovative approach, Praxis has issued a call for submissions to scholars and practitioners – and also to survivors and family members.

To ensure that all sides of the issue are heard equally, one section will be as usual, including reviews by peers, but another section will be edited lightly without peer review to ensure all voices are heard when addressing the following topics.

Anyone who wishes to speak to and engage in critical and constructive examination of justice issues from a faith perspective related to clerical sexual abuse, ecclesial oversight, and adjacent issues, are welcome to submit essay. Essays that pay close attention to particular practices, initiatives, or policies affecting abuse survivors, clergy, and faith communities are especially welcome.

Some authors may choose to feature the following in their essays:

  • Textured profile of a compelling program promoting justice involving a community dealing with abuse at the local level, including interviews with participants and leaders.
  • Biographical examination of a person or persons who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to social justice in relation to power structures and leadership within the Catholic Church.
  • Ethnographic studies of a community struggling with questions about the protection of children, with discussion of how religious teachings or faith commitments illuminate or are illuminated by this struggle.
  • Any approach that examines practices, organizations, or individuals as they offer insights into faith-based responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by changing perspectives on leadership in the Church.

Deadline is December 31, 2019.

If you would like to submit an essay that draws on anything you have published for The Healing Voices we welcome you to do so.

Questions should be directed to the contact information on THIS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS or to Teresa here.

Founded in 2018, Praxis: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Faith and Justice works to highlight the contributions of practitioners, advocates, and service providers to the Catholic social tradition and other religious traditions of social justice. This journal encourages deeper collaboration between scholars and practitioners, celebrates the creativity and wisdom found in the practice of justice, and highlights possible new paths of development, both practical and theoretical, for future work in social justice. The Aims and Scope, Mission Statement of the journal, a listing of the editorial board, and other information is available on our website: https://www.pdcnet.org/praxis

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