Profile: Spirit Fire

The Missourian (April 22, 2021) featured a profile of Spirit Fire written by Jay Nies, opening with a quotation from Teresa Pitt Green which sums up a key belief of Spirit Fire: “There’s a lot more hope than people dare to feel.”

Spirit Fire is in its fourth year as a Christian restorative justice initiative and fellowship of survivors of abuse in the church.

“People associated with Spirit Fire find healing by integrating their therapies with their efforts to grow in their relationship with God. They share wisdom, experience and faith with others seeking healing, growth and reconciliation.

“They work with church leaders to deepen pastoral care for survivors, their family members and all Catholics, including priests, deacons, consecrated and religious persons.

“… Spirit Fire survivors are committed to holding the entire church — hierarchy, clergy and laity — accountable for protecting its most vulnerable people, and for tragic failures to do so in the past. They also are helping all Catholics — priests, laypeople, victims and bystanders — find healing and reconciliation.”

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