Pinwheels Prayer Service

Mike Hoffman sent me a wonderful email this week. Actually, it’s an email for every single one of our readers. We both hope you’ll spare time for a brief prayer service for healing and hope for all victims of abuse and for all our families and for the whole Church.

Hi Teresa,

With all the disruption and difficulty from COVID, I thought Chicago’s Annual Prayer Service would be lost this year. In fact, Mayra Flores and Mary Jane Doerr kept this issue at the forefront, and they assembled a team to pull this off. I ask you to view this two or three times for all the riches. Here is the link.

I shed tears of joy and gratitude for this prayer service. It is beautiful, heartfelt, inclusive, joyous and consistent with our Catholic traditions. This prayer service is a success story of collaboration with abuse survivor, priests, the Office for Catholic Schools, administrators and leadership. Would you be so kind to share this link on Healing Voices?

And, I’ll join Mike in speaking the last line of his email to you:

Also, would you pass this along personally to anyone who you feel might be interested? I appreciate your support.

Make your own pinwheel with these directions.

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