Pinwheels for Prevention

If you are interested in encouraging your parish to hold a Pinwheels for Prevention event, The Healing Voices Magazine has prepared a Do-It-Yourself Kit which will be available on April 10, 2019. Or, email us here.

We encourage parishes to work with their diocesan Office of Child Protection and offer a Mass or prayer service together. The Healing Voices Prayerful Child Protection Event Kit, above, has plenty of good information how to do so.

Events can offer presentations on the status of child protection programs in the United States Church, as well as activities for teens and kids; e.g., coloring pages like this one, or this pinwheel pattern to make your own pinwheel.

Please: Focus prayerful events on uplifting the dignity of children, to let children hear parishes come together to pray for their well-being. This creates a strong sense that adults exist to protect them from contemporary predatory threats without frightening children unduly.

These resources have been successfully used for public outreach expressing our core Catholic beliefs of the dignity of all Children of God.

Fr. Larry Dowling, an advocate for clergy-abuse survivors, at a Chicago Pinwheels for Prevention event.

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