Overcoming Obstacles to Self Care

Grant M. Brenner, MD, FAPA, is a psychiatrist and renowned expert on mental health, relationships, and self-care and wellness. He is especially renowned for bringing mental health awareness to a wider and more diverse audience, with an emphasis on empowering individuals to be in charge of their own recovery and healing choices.

In his November 18, 2017, Psychology Today article, Six Elements Of Self-Care In Adults With Childhood Trauma: When We Feel Fragmented, It’s Hard to Imagine Anything Different, Brenner demystifies some aspects of mental health obstacles in providing oneself with self-care.

1 – Understanding the giftedness that underlies what are, currently, unhealthy patterns is a good place to start when confronting unhealthy behaviors.

2 – Working to acknowledge and accept – and integrate – different aspects of yourself reduces the tensions and conflicts that can undermine you.

3 – Understanding how anger over injury and betrayal works, as a self-protective mechanism, is a first step to not letting it become an impulse that interferes with getting help from others.

4 – Working to distinguish healthful pride from false pride is one of a number of ways to break through the mask that can cover debilitating shame – and lead to relief and real self-esteem.

5 – Developing humor and gratitude are a great way to start reducing pressures you place on yourself and to start to partner with yourself more forgivingly and with ease.

For more detail, read Dr. Brenner’s article! And follow him on Twitter @GrantMBrennerMD

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