Our Catholic Story

Storytelling can be so healing. As survivors we know this is true. We have lived the story and healed with storytelling.

So, Spirit Fire is offering an online storytelling event this October 15 Spirit Fire entitled “Our Catholic Story” as a first step in the restorative justice process that our Global Conference on Abuse and Faith promises to be.

The four-hour program will feature faith stories of Light in darkness, triumph in despair, faith in recovery.

It includes interviews with survivors, our family members, clergy and religious, and lay leaders as we recall turning points in our faith journeys as Catholics facing the abuse crises which have persisted across decades.

Spirit Fire survivors will be hosting special guests including leaders in education and other professions, such as President John Garvey, of the Catholic University of America, and Ms. Pat Neal, the Executive Director of Virtus. Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM Cap., will share his memories and also close our one-day conference with a Mass for victims, families and all who need healing.

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Registration Details

To register for this October event, simply register for the Conference at the link above.

Registration ensures you will be reminded of the date, notified of new dates and times for the January conference, and receive free resources. You will be able to opt in or opt out of a free online magazine.

Have you already registered for the Global Conference on Abuse and Faith? No worries! That means you have already been registered automatically, for free, for the October “Our Catholic Stories” event.

Ticket Price

Tickets, that is registration, is free.

In August, however, we will begin offering the option to pay $15 for registration. Payment is not a requirement! It is, however, a welcomed sign of support.

This sum is neither necessary nor tax-deductible. We are offering the option because so many of you asked. Thank you!

Most importantly, everyone is welcome. Pockets and change purses are empty for many of us, so do not feel compelled to pay anything at all! Just come and participate in family healing.


Questions and requests are always welcome! Please permit up to two weeks for a reply, because we have a wee staff and are containing hours to ensure personal self-care.

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