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By Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder

In advance of our Global Conference on Abuse and Faith, Spirit Fire has launched two broadcasts for our attendees.

WOUNDED & HEALING (Wednesday Broadcasts)

Wounded & Healing is now broadcasting on Wednesdays, at 12 noon Eastern time. This is a new time. Please take note!

Each week I interview one or two guests. Aside from some technical glitches (thank you patient attendees!), this broadcast has settled into a great program, with a line up of survivors, clinicians, researchers and others who to offer advance looks at topics to be covered in The Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith.

Wounded & Healing runs all the way through July 3, starting 12 noon Eastern at the end of the first broadcast of the Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith (broadcast from 9 am to 12 pm Eastern). The Wounded & Healing broadcast will be recorded starting this week.

To register to tune into the Wounded & Healing Broadcast, just click this link and sign up. You’ll receive the meeting link and, if you haven’t already, receive free resources and information via The Healing Voices Magazine.

PREACHING INTO TRAUMA (Friday broadcast)

Spirit Fire has also started a broadcast for clergy.

The first day we talked about ways survivors’ experience of trauma can shed light on offering care to heavily burdened people. Our second broadcast aired Archbishop Gomez’s Reconsecration of the United States to Mary.

Our next broadcast has narrowed its focus, so that only clergy will be attending. Please encourage priests, brothers, and deacons you know to feel welcome to sign up here.

Preaching into Trauma is a private event which provides a fresh, secure meeting link each Friday at 9 am to any attendee who signs up before that time.

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