Musical Evening

Historic tragedy wounded our nation nineteen years ago this week. We share that memory, all of us. Experiences vary, but the trauma connects us. It’s a good week to keep in mind we all are grappling in our own ways.

Self-care on memorial anniversaries is really important. Planning ahead is helpful. Yet, who really succeeds at that all the time?

We’d like to suggest that everyone keeps in mind this time can bring up many emotions. It’s a great time to reach out to others. You don’t need a reason or a long, long block of time. Remember how important it was to let people know they were cared about? You can share memories of 9/11, or you can also say “that’s too hard to go back to, what if instead we talk about….”

For a gentle evening of Christian music, here’s a playlist (amazon) to with soothing, uplifting songs about our life’s most enduring love affair, that divine romance between God and you, right now, keeping you steady and taking delight in you just as you are today.

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