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By Mike Hoffman, Founder

Thank you for your interest in the Healing Voices newsletter. Giving a voice to survivors of childhood sexual abuse is vital to the healing process. This edition is our fifth, and I feel so proud to be associated with the Founders and others who give voice to survivors of abuse by writing for this newsletter.

We are so pleased to feature an excerpt from his new book Shrinking the Monster: Healing the Wounds of our Abuse by Norbert Krapf, Indiana Poet Laureate. Father Bill Stenzel, retired priest, writes about the “Manifold Wound” he felt from the abuse of children by priests and the related mishandling of the stories by Church leaders; it is my belief that his perspective may be enlightening to many. Our Round Table discussion covers what our pets have meant to us in our healing process. We respectfully acknowledge most essays are about dogs, but we welcome new essays about all pets from any of our readers or those they know!

It was a joy working on this edition. In it you will find heartfelt expressions of hope and healing from the tragic consequences of childhood abuse.

Finally, I would like all of our readers to know that we are looking for feedback. It may be a suggestion to make our newsletter better, or a topic you wish for us to include in future editions, or it may be a contribution which you or someone you know may wish to offer–some essay related to healing from abuse. (Articles may be submitted via this site.) Our Founders Group is also open to constructive ideas which helps our newsletter remain a lively and vibrant discussion for all who wish to heal from the wounds of abuse and to make our Church a better place for all.

For the full September 2016 which this issue introduced, see here.


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