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  • May 2, 2020
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Hobbies can be important aspects of a new life where a hard-won recovery from abuse can flourish.

A background with much sorrow often lacks exposure to hobbies – indeed to much pleasure or leisure time. So, finding fun things to do – and excel at – can make finding a hobby hard work. Yet, finding your passions in life is a great foundation for living with joy.

Where to begin? Here are some helpful lists – and a couple tests for discovery to help you or someone you care about check out ways to spend leisure time in pleasant ways.

Some Big Lists with Great Ideas

LifeHack is a site that has great lists and information on making the business side of living easier. It’s list of fifty low-cost hobbies focuses on those you can do at home – with only four requiring being elsewhere. It’s a great list for spending leisure time close to home.

From a similar site called Wallet Hacks, here’s a list of cheap hobbies you can try out in a single weekend.

From Live Bold and Bloom, here’s a list of 50 hobbies, some of which involve a small investment of money, from buying materials to hiring a teacher for a few lessons.

Quiz Your Talent

Wondering what hobby to try? Not sure how to decide? Here’s a quiz to match your aptitudes and interests with types of hobbies? And, because getting a second opinion is almost always a good idea, here’s a second quiz to see what hobbies you’re most suited for.

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