Healing Retreat – At Home

The Way Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia, has been attending to the recovery of survivors of clergy abuse in a safe, well-designed, and thoughtfully scheduled way for years. The Way has the added status of being the only clergy-abuse survivor retreat we were comfortable recommending to fellow survivors. (Please note: this retreat is safe for all survivors of abuse and has earned the respect of many survivors.)

New Book

Thanks to the retreat’s creator and lead, Sue Stubbs, MS, NCC, the spiritual experience of The Way retreat has been captured in this 40-page book, entitled The Way: Stations of the Cross for Survivors of Abuse. While Sue is now developing a workbook for survivors and those who seek to offer The Way for survivors of abuse, this book is available for at-home, diocesan and parish retreats. It is safe for all survivors of abuse.

From the Cover

Do you feel dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal or anger when you think of the abuse you have suffered? Or maybe you feel nothing at all. You have every right to these feelings…they are natural reactions to the trauma you have survived. The Way: Stations of the Cross for Survivors of Abuse is the way Jesus took to overcome dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal and anger not only for his experience of abuse – which culminated in his death on the cross and new life in the Resurrection – but for your abuse as well.

What’s Special

The Way retreat was a special find because it alone met all the criteria we set for a retreat space safe for clergy-abuse survivors, in particular the excellent experience and mindfulness of Sue Stubbs in helping survivors of clergy abuse as one of the long-time victim assistance coordinators in the United States Church. (She works in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.) This is not a retreat experience easily replicated without her guidance.

The Way process or pathway was deemed safe by us because of all the attendees I had interviewed and because of Sue Stubb’s transparency. Also, because the content of the process was able to bring a Catholic and Christian experience of the Way of the Cross into terms and realities survivors know too well, and suffer too long. Doing so is harder than most know – or are wiling to admit.

There are very few resources that are able to do this well. The ones that exist are seldom well-known. Of the few resources that are created, they reveal either a lack of trauma experience or a lack of appreciation how things associated with the Church can be painful or triggering for survivors seeking healing from the Church.

This program reveals Sue Stubb’s extensive trauma-expertise mixed with her first-hand experience helping victims with wounds caused by abuse by clergy . The retreat and the read make for a unique and safe experience – and makes for a wonderful book for personal reflection, home retreat, or local group retreat.

Profits Donated

Sue Stubbs has written this entirely on her own time, not on Archdiocesan time, and has published it with her own funds. All those are donated and not retrieved. The costs of producing through amazon are built into every sale, but all profit after that is being used for costs involved in developing the workbook, which is more costly to create and design. So, every sale is all about a good cause. If you’re inclined to donate more for the workbook, or for a sponsored, free retreat registration, you can reach Sue Stubbs here. (She didn’t ask me to insert this last paragraph. And I’m likely to have some protest from her for doing so once she sees this post.)

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