Healing Online Prayer Service


On the Feast of the Archangels, September 29th, the Founders of The Healing Voices Magazine hosted our first online Prayer Service, with the help of fellow Catholic survivors from all corners of North America. Our attendees called in from a similarly wide scope.

At the request of attendees, we include in this issue our prayer service transcript for those who wish to pray the Litany of Love at other times, but begin with an excerpt of the Introduction and Prayer to the Archangels that opened our service.


On behalf of the Founders of The Healing Voices Magazine, I thank you all for participating in our prayer service today. My name is Mike Hoffman. I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor.

Today we join together as the Holy Father has encouraged us to pray when he approved the Universal Day of Prayer for the victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Recently, The Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors said in a statement: “Prayer is one part of the healing process for survivors and the community of believers, and public gatherings for prayer also help raise awareness about the issue.” I agree with this statement from the commission, and believe survivors of abuse have an important role to play in helping the Church heal. So…

I’d like to begin our service with a simple prayer suggested by the Vatican’s Commission:

Since your mercy has been revealed

In the tenderness of your Son Jesus Christ,

who said to his disciples:

“Suffer the little children to come unto me,”

we pray that your Church may be a secure home

where all children and vulnerable adults are brought closer to your Beloved Son.

May all those who have been abused

physically, emotionally and sexually by your ministers,

be respected and accompanied by

tangible gestures of justice and reparation so that

they may feel healed with the balm of your compassion.


Prayer to the Archangels

My name is Sooz Jeson and my prayer requests the intercession of our Archangels.

St. Michael, our protector and guardian, may your wings shelter us from harm.

St Gabriel, our messenger, deliver God’s voice guiding us on our path to Him.

St. Raphael, our healer, cleanse our minds and restore our faith that leads us to new life.

Help us all become aware of the “luminous darkness” where we meet God in our deepest pain.

We come together tonight, oh Lord, to receive Your Light, Your Illumination in every dark place.

We come together tonight, oh Lord, to receive light from each other.

We have gathered together, at this service, as one,

to offer prayers for healing for all who have been wounded in any way by the sin of abuse in our Church and in our world.

FULL TRANSCRIPT of The Healing Voices Sept 2017 Prayer Service, including the Litany of Love.

We thank attendees for feedback, which will help us improve future prayer services.

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