Global Impact: A Single Voice

This inspiring pandemic story also reminds us that, each time one of us finds his or her voice in healing from abuse, we speak with impact on those near us in terms of truth, hope, and healing. The ripples reach from us to many degrees of separation which we cannot calculate as easily as this concert.

Andrea Bocelli raised a single voice in an empty Cathedral over Easter 2020 to celebrate the life and hope that death and agonies of the corona virus worldwide cannot overcome.

Covered worldwide – but in this link by ET (Jennifer Drysdale, April 12, 2020) – the story of the famous singer focused on his wish to bring the hope and beauty of the Christian Resurrection to all.

This is a gift to all our readers that lasts beyond Easter 2020, through the pandemic and lock down through which we are working together, and through also our own process of healing and finding new, if wounded, lives as survivors and loved ones.

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