Free De-Stressing Home Course

Are you suffering from strain associated with C19, with its quarantines and all the many related challenges?

Trauma Recovery Associates (TRA) is offering a free, online, and entirely private at-home study program to help you recover from the stress and anxiety of the pandemic.

The new program is called RENEW for “Refreshing, Enriching, and Nourishing Essentials for Wellbeing.” RENEW is also available in Spanish with the name RENOVARSE.*

RENEW uses a holistic model, which is the model TRA uses for all its work and which is why Spirit Fire partners with TRA whenever possible.

RENEW helps us look at the consequences of the pandemic from various angles. In case you haven’t noticed, people are all reacting different ways – and even viewing the pandemic through different lenses. That’s because we are all unique with our own (valid) ways of approaching new information and reacting to stress. RENEW isn’t a cookie-cutter program, but begins at the start acknowledging the importance of our distinctions.

Then, RENEW walks us through six units offering instructional content and exercises, a short video introduction and a conclusion that leaves us with a lesson and food for thought. Being holistic in nature, the program covers ways to care for your whole self, e.g., body, mind, emotions, behaviors, and spirit.

RENEW has an anonymous pre-assessment and post-assessment questionnaires that provide feedback to TRA about how effective the program is and what improvements might be needed. Your name is not associated with these assessments. Intended to be a blind study, they are logged by numbers only.


Importantly, there are no hidden costs. This is free. It is also anonymous, so your email and contact information are not collected and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Free Workbook

Additionally, for anyone who takes the program, there is a workbook covering forgiveness, which is one of many concepts raised during the RENEW study program. The workbook, and forgiving, is not part of the RENEW study, however.


Click through to learn more. Both the English and the Spanish versions are available here, where you can read about the TRA holistic approach to healing from abuse and all traumatic life events. It is the approach Spirit Fire encourages in our work.

Help Others

People are home and isolated, struggling with whatever impact C19 is having on their lives, and on the lives of their loved ones. Please don’t hesitate to forward information about this program to friends and family, but also to your parish priest or local social worker.

This is a great link to have on hand. Remember there are measures in place to ensure that there’s no way to know who signs up and checks out the process. You can use – and dioceses and parishes are welcome to post – the full- or half-page flyers TRA has provided to share the news.

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*RENOVARSE = Reanimarse, Enriquecerse, Nutrirse, Orientarse, Visualizarse, Adaptarse, Realizarse, elementos que Son Esenciales para su bienestar

Learn more about Trauma Recovery Associates, their renowned Trauma Model, and their various programs for professionals, clergy and religious, parishes and dioceses by visiting their website here.

Trauma Recovery Associates is a preferred partner for Spirit Fire. We blend their holistic programming with our peer testimonies, support, and other pastoral care formation programs.

Spirit Fire and The Healing Voices Magazine do not receive any moneys or other benefit from featuring TRA.

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