Domestic Violence

Why do you keep going back?

Survivors of child abuse often find themselves in dangerous adult lives, including addictions, sexual acting out – and most often domestic violence. To heal we begin healing the “today.” To help us heal, sometimes others have to face the first shock: we’ve been managing the same false public self we learned in childhood … to hide a domestic violence in our adult homes.

So, why do we stay?

In 17 minutes, this TED talk can explain, like it has to almost three million people already, why domestic violence victims keep returning to the abuser – and how domestic violence is a problem for families not just individuals.

Here is a powerful testimony of a now-recovered domestic violence victim, who, as a Harvard grad and Wharton MBA was working for top New York corporations on a comet-like career trajectory, was being abused.

Introducing … Leslie Morgan Steiner. A kind and wise testimony you can share with women and men who are grappling with abusers.


These hotlines include many that can help victims of domestic violence.

Resource Book

Crazy Love is Leslie Morgan Steiner’s memoir of surviving domestic violence to become the healed and thriving individual she is today.

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