Compassion for PTSD

Have you ever encountered someone who didn’t “get” the why survivors “can’t seem to let go, move on?”

Here’s an article that might help enlighten them.

The Diocese of Tucson recently featured an article written by Dennis Sadowsky of the Catholic News Service about how PTSD affects survivors of abuse by clergy and, by extension, all other perpetrators of abuse.

Sadowsky profiles what PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is, as experienced by survivors and those who minister to survivors. He also includes interviews with various survivors who have become engaged helping others in areas ranging from ministry in prayer circles to activism.

The seed of hope is that, by diocesan news featuring this article, the diocese helps to promote understanding and compassion for survivors among clergy, parishioners, and staff.

Check it out!

Clergy Abuse Survivors Face a Lifetime of Recurrence of PTSD, by Dennis Sadowski (CNS). Other articles by Dennis Sadowsky from CNS and America Magazine may be found here.

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