Child Protection 2020

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  • April 8, 2020
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The Healing Voices Child Protection Issue: Five Years Strong

Michael D. Hoffman, Founder

No other child should suffer the abuse which was imposed upon me and many other children – no matter who commits the crime. Often discussions about abuse in the Church are divisive and contentious, but this is a point we can all agree on.

Over the past five years, The Healing Voices Magazine – and I was one of several clergy-abuse survivors who came together in the fall of 2014 to found this effort and begin publishing in 2015 – has collaborated with people from all aspects of abuse in our Church and beyond, including clergy-abuse survivors, priests, and other professionals in child abuse prevention and child advocacy. I am honored to participate in this effort, which has been a long road and often work that few people really understood.

And, every April for five years, we have published a special issue on the protection of children for the National Child Abuse Prevention Month. I have had the honor of being the editor for that issue five years in a row.

What matters most to me is knowing children are protected when adults speak up and speak out. Our goal at this magazine is to engage in conversation and pull together the wealth of knowledge and real experience that can inspire strengthen adults working in partnership to keep children safe wherever they are — in the Church and beyond.

Personally, it has been a joy to participate in this dialogue with you!

This fifth anniversary edition is a moment to express gratitude to all of our contributors and to thank contributors and readers for helping to protect the dignity, safety and love which all children deserve as children of God.

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