Chicago's Annual Mass for Hope and Healing

Please join many Founders from The Healing Voices Magazine at the Mass for Hope and Healing to be held in Holy Family Church on 1080 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago. It begins at 11am Central. For more information see this link.

This Mass is held annually in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Survivors, family members and anyone else seeking healing from the scandal of child abuse in our Church will also find information about the Healing Garden, a grace-filled place created for anyone traveling to this area.

For more information about this Mass, you may find two articles written by Mike Hoffman inspiring, either to encourage you to join us or to use as inspiration in your own diocese and parish:  A Mass for Hope and Healing, by Mike Hoffman and  Hope and Healing Mass, by Mike Hoffman.

For more information about this Mass, or for ideas about planning and offering a Mass of Hope and Healing in your diocese, please reach out directly to Mike, who chairs the committee that hosts this event, or to Tom Tharayil at the Assistance Ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

We provide information about this Mass, and the Healing Garden, as an invitation to all survivors to have a place where we can welcome you and accompany you to Mass and in the garden created for this purpose.

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