Our Catholic Story

  • By Teresa Pitt Green
  • July 23, 2020

Storytelling can be so healing. As survivors we know this is true. We have lived the story and healed with storytelling. So, Spirit Fire is offering an online storytelling event this October 15 Spirit Fire entitled “Our Catholic Story” as a first step in the restorative justice process that...

Katie Scott, a Catholic journalist who has been covering the inspiring stories offered by clergy-abuse survivors, recently published in The Catholic Sentinel (September 4, 2018) an article entitled “Advice from Survivors for Fellow Catholics,” which warrants a quick read by our readers. “The lacerating grand jury report on sexual...

Encountering Evil

  • By Spirit Fire
  • September 27, 2018

Teresa Pitt Green, Founder * Evil has always been with us, corrupting the guileless and the powerful. Faced with such familiar evil, as we are these days, what is the Wounded Healer to do? Often feeling isolated and even unsure of God, we nevertheless offer our wounded selves to...

The Healing Voices

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