Budget Bites

Beth’s Budget Bites is an unusual blog that suits our readers who struggle financially and/or who struggle with self-care in the area of cooking.

Beth’s story is inspirational. She calls herself a “food lover, numbers cruncher” who found herself staggered with debt while stuck in a low-wage job. What made matters worse is that her food budget was out of control. So, she turned her daunting problem into a solution for herself–and others

Beth has a book and her blog includes a mobile app and great search programs. Her meal plans are very doable, and she understands what it’s like learning to cook. What’s most memorable? Among her many endorsements you’ll find people explaining how they eat more and better with minimal cooking–and save over half on shopping bills.

For readers focusing on healthful routines in the kitchen, here’s a great go-to blog that’s been tested and true by this editor of The Healing Voices.

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