Bishop Barron Funds MGN

Bishop Robert Barron, author of Letter to a Suffering Church, and the Word on Fire pledged book-sale proceeds would be used to support victims of clergy abuse. The Maria Goretti Network is now a recipient of some of those pledged moneys.

The Maria Goretti Network is operated in chapters, which follow a common meeting and spiritual healing process and booklet with a commitment to seeking healing through forgiveness according to the example of St. Maria Goretti and other saints. The MGN program for spiritual healing is used by survivors of abuse by clergy and others in authority as well as by victims of human trafficking. It is a peer-group driven fellowship.

Congratulations to Miguel Prats, Manager, the survivor who some years ago founded the Maria Goretti Network with Fr. Gavin Vaverek, JCL, Co-Founder and VP. The MGN has been profiled several times in The Healing Voices and, most recently, was profiled by Katie Scott of The Catholic Sentinel whose article appears on the MGN homepage.

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