The Healing Voices

Recovery, Faith, Reconciliation

Who are we?
Survivors of abuse by clergy or others with authority in the Church.
We offer our faith stories to help heal the wounds of abuse in the lives of individuals, families, parishes, and institutions.


We are a dedicated group of survivors abused by clergy. Our mission is to reconcile our faith with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm done to us.

We wish to reach out to all who have suffered from any tragic event that has left your hearts broken and your faith shaken, just like ours. Together, we can raise our voices, tell our stories and provide healing information to help make our Church and society a better place for all.

We invite you to join us on our collective healing journey.

Healing Dialogue

This magazine, now in its fifth year, creates a dialogue among everyone affected by child abuse in the Catholic Church–and in society at large. All are welcome to contribute, not just survivors of clergy abuse but also those abused by others with authority. We welcome hearing from friends and family members who often suffer the wound by one degree of separation, from priests, nuns, deacons and others in the Catholic Church who seek in goodwill to serve our suffering fellows, and from all others who seek to understand how our Catholic faith has evolved and played a role in healing, recovery and reconciliation.

Please let us hear suggestions, requests and stories from you.

The Spirit Fire Global Conference on Abuse and Faith

Starting May 1, 2020 and running through 2020.
To learn more click here.

Communities in Prayer

Join, from your home space, communities in prayer for victims, families and all others harmed by child abuse by clergy and all other predators.
To learn more click here.


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