A World Day for Victims & Hope

A new global collaborative has been launched to establish a World Day for Preventing and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse. Spirit Fire survivors are founders and in leadership roles, with the support of Harvard University and a fast-growing line up of thought and civic leaders.

All the Children is a collaborative whose stated vision is that “all the children of the world and those whose lives have been impacted by child sexual abuse can flourish” with the right support and care.

Also known as The April 8 Global Collaborative, All the Children has one goal: to establish an annual day of observances for promoting global awareness of how to prevent child sexual abuse and to enable healing for victims and their family members. After its goal is achieved the collaborative will finish its work and close. It is not collecting funds or doing any work except to bring voices together to create a World Day for Preventing and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse.

You may wish to get involved, or to invite your local groups working in the area of providing victims’ services to survivors and their families to join.

Seeking Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are organizations and institutions from across the globe contributing essential in-kind services to help the World Day come into being. Strategic partners are lending their time and networks to build a large and loose coalition to ask Congress to sponsor a resolution in the UN to create a World Day for Preventing and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse.

Are you in an organization that would like to sign on to encourage the United States to sponsor a UN resolution in 2021?

Who are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are the backbone of the collaborative. They serve as regional volunteers providing essential support through building coalitions, conducting and/or disseminating research, advocating to key stakeholders, and participating in community outreach and education activities. Because the World Day will reach into all cultures and nations, inviting them to promote prevention as well as to offer healing services for victims and families, ambassadors work is very important to create a network of people committed to carrying out the World Day’s mission.

Ambassadors are needed as the initiative ramps up. You can reach out to organizers on the All the Children website.

What’s Next?

You’ll see on the All the Children website how to get involved.

These days everything is virtual. The initiative is short-lived and focused, with clear goals and minimal work time.

Teen and other groups are welcome to participate and lend a hand. Parishes are welcome, so are all lay groups. The Catholic Church has worked in this area of prevention and healing extensively for years. We have much to share.

If you have questions and prefer, feel free to contact Teresa Pitt Green of Spirit Fire which is a Strategic Partner. Her email is spirit fire live at gmail dot com.

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