Clergy-Abuse Survivor Visits the Pontifical Centre for Child Protection

Deborah Kloos and Cardinal Sean O’Malley

Clergy-abuse survivor, Deborah Kloos, visited the President of the Pontifical Gregorian University, Fr. Hans Zollner, S.J., to talk about her experience and the programs for promoting child-abuse prevention in the Church.

A full profile of Deborah’s visit and the many helpers who welcomed her may be found in the recent Crux article Abuse Survivors Praises Papal Panel for Hearing Survivors’ Pain and Anger.

A quotation from Deborah, which falls in line with her unique message about the centrality of prayer in healing in our lives and in our Church, is:

Our world and our Church need to be encouraged to pray together against abuse because prayer is powerful, positive, and healing,” she repeated in one way or another during the message exchange. “It brings people together and opens up communication. If I can help promote this message as an abuse survivor maybe it will do something to help people and our Church.

Prayer “opens up communication and brings people together” allowing them to talk about the “taboo topic of abuse and open the door to forgiveness and healing where there was anger and sadness.

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